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Here is a short romantic story written by a tall romantic woman. After her first husband took advantage of her, used her and kicked her to the curb, pretty Nicole thought she would never find true romance. Imagine her surprise when she finds it in Jim, the man seated at the next computer at their place of temporary employment. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Nicky made her bed with sheets and pillowcases fresh from the laundry, turned down both sides and set two pillows at the head. While she was doing that, the shower started running, bringing a smile to her face. She knew there was more than enough time for what she wanted to do, as long as none of it was wasted. With the bed prepared for two, Nicky resumed the most important part of her plan, getting herself ready. The first thing to do was to remove her purchase of that morning from its packaging. The new sleeveless nightie was violet and lacy and essentially transparent. The color would set off Nickys dark blue eyes, and looked especially good against her fair skin and newly-brushed blonde hair. The exotic garment came with panties, but the sexy blonde left them off, figuring she wanted more shock value than there would be if she was wearing them. So it would burst on Jimmy all at once, she wore her robe over the new nightie, but not the sash that usually tied it. Instead, she held it closed in front with her hands when she walked back into the living room. At first, Nicky had considered wearing nothing at all under the robe and surprising her target with her completely nude and available body, but she wasnt quite daring enough to do that. Besides, if the skimpy nightie wasnt good enough to let him know what she had in mind, being naked wouldnt be much better. Jimmy was preparing the sofa for his first nights sleep in the apartment they would be sharing. He was wearing light green pajamas, which were new, because he had always slept in his underwear but had bought the new nightwear that morning, thinking it would be nicer to be a little more civilized. Jim felt some embarrassment when Nicky stepped out of her bedroom covered by a bathrobe and saw him wearing just pajamas. The slight unease passed quickly, because he believed it would be the normal thing in the future, and nothing to worry about. With her robe held closed by both her hands, Nicky approached him with her most friendly and guileless smile on her face. Briefly letting go of the robe with one of her hands, she bent down and pushed her fingers into one of the sofa cushions. Still smiling, she straightened up and faced Jimmy, with both hands once again tightly closing the fabric that concealed her scantily clad person.


  • Título: Temporary Romance
  • Editor: Boruma Publishing
  • Publicado: 31.05.2017
  • Género: Romántica y erótica
  • ISBN: 9781370071036
  • Tamaño: 1.90MB
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB
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Temporary Romance

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